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Santa Clarita Valley Photographers Association

Who We Are

Click and watch our video to learn a bit more about us.
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The Santa Clarita Valley Photographers Association is a group of dedicated photographers both amateur and professional that meets monthly to learn about photography and share images. Our members are from Santa Clarita and adjoining communities. Besides our monthly meetings the group takes field trips such as the Death Valley excursion, the Cambria excursion and participates in expositions at the Valencia Town Center and City Hall. Print and digital image competitions are held at least twice a year. The majority of our members are amateurs at all skill levels of photography however some members belong to the Professional Photographers of America, the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, and other organizations.Whether you are just starting out with your first camera or are a seasoned professional, SCVPA has much to offer.

Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month from 6:45pm until 9:00pm (or so.)

We meet at:
Sierra Hills Clubhouse
         28616 Kenroy Ave.
         Canyon Country, Ca. 91387
Guests are always welcome, come to a meeting and check us out!

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Member Gallery

2018 02 13 Monthly Meeting

February 13, 2018 Membership Meeting
Kelvin Pulker, Featured Photographer
Bob Driver, winning image from Aviation Week Photo Competition.
Theme of the Month, Death Valley trip, Blood Moon, Solar Eclispe and other great images submitted by Bob Messina, Dean Hall, Dusty Stiles, James Mahan-Soto, Kevin Karzin, Larry Kushner, Mel Carll and Michael Bowman.

From The SCVPAPresident

Happy 2018 Everyone!

Wow! What a month!


     As you may or may not know, I retired from AT&T on January 5, 2018 after working 18 1/2 years for them. I had always planned on working 20 but there comes a time when a change is due and this was that time. I can now give photography my 100 percent attention which is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time but, I either didn’t have the confidence with my ability or the time to devote to it. 


     I am teaching two photography classes at The Huckleberry Center for Creative Learning in Valencia. What a kick in the pants!! These kids are awesome! It is so fun to see them learn how to use a camera, to see when the light bulb turns on, and they get what is going on… is also a learning experience for me. The old saying is true … “if you want to learn how to do something, teach it!” It seems the more lesson plans I put together, the more I tend to learn. It is really exciting.


     We had a great “Off Camera Workshop” at our last membership meeting in January. We started small with 1 speed light and a small to medium umbrella, first a bounce and then a shoot through, then moved to a 2x2’ soft box, a hair and background light, a 6’ white shower curtain liner before moving onto a 7’-bounce umbrella with three speed lights shooting into them. Talk about beautiful light! Our model, Linda Hatton, was excellent, she was very patient and did everything we asked of her.


     Thank yous go out to everyone who helped, Tom Spanos for working the fill reflector, Henri Lajer for sending me photographs of the workshop and helping out with the other reflector. Garry Tice, for helping with the computer and making sure that the teether worked so everyone was able to follow by watching the TV and seeing the results of the different light modifiers. I hope I am not leaving anyone out who helped. I can’t believe it was over three weeks ago already.


     For the first time since 2014 I felt healthy enough to get out on a club outing….went to Death Valley National Park with Dusty Stiles, Kelvin Pulker and James Mahan-Soto. We had a great time. The weather was almost perfect …..except for maybe the hurricane force winds Friday night ….I thought for sure we’d end up in OZ or someplace. Other than the wind on Friday night the weather was great ….we had awesome clouds Friday morning and most of the day. We started Friday morning shooting the sunrise at Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes before going to the Badwater Basin where the clouds and the light were amazing. We did some exploring, taking the West Side Road to an old Borax mine and finding some off-shoot roads where after about a mile or two you can camp. Thinking that might a possible trip in the future. Saturday morning we went to Zabriskie Point where James made a time exposure video before we all piled into the FJ and drove 3 hours to the “RaceTrack” well worth the drive!!! What an awesome place! Going to go back in the spring during a new moon and shoot the Milky Way from the RaceTrack …it is going to be awesome! Saturday evening, after we got back from the RaceTrack we went to dinner at Stove Pipe Wells before heading back to Furnace Creek to call it a night. We left Sunday morning, Dusty and I drove through the town of Trona….that looks like it would be a town to explore. It is way past its “Heyday” as less than 2,000 people live there. Its high school is only one of two schools nation wide that has a dirt football field….because of the salt in the ground and the summer heat, grass won’t grow.


     Saturday, January 27, 2018 was the Professional Photographers of California’s Installation of Officers and Awards Ceremony and I must say the SCVPA was well represented. Mel Carll received a PPC Service Award, Glen Glancy received the Architecture Photographer of the Year Award for his image “St. Peter and Paul” and a Judges’ Honorable Mention Award. I received the Photojournalism Photographer of the Year Award for my image “In Formation”, I received California Top Ten Photographers Award and finished 7th overall and I had an image included in the PPC 2018 Prime Image Collection. Only images that scored an 87 or better are included in the Prime Image Collection.


     I am very honored and proud to be a member of our association as my accomplishments would not have been possible had I not joined the club. Many thanks to Larry Gasinski who talked me into joining the association back in 2013. I have learned so much from everyone I’ve come in contact with since joining. My photography was gotten stronger because of all of you and I thank you for that. I am truly amazed in the level of talent we have in the SCVPA and as a group I see us growing and growing and our level of work improves every time we have a competition.


     This month Mel is going to lead a workshop on what makes a good competition image. Mel has won many awards over the years, he judges contests and is very knowledgeable and willing to share his expertise as we are getting ready to host our Spring Print competition on the 19th of May. The rules are now available on the website. Now is the time to get your prints ready, get them printed and mounted so when the turn in deadline nears, you don’t have to scramble to get everything done at the last minute. Our next meeting is Feb. 13, 2018! See you then!

Keep Shooting my Friends!

Kevin Karzin

Details and Announcements

Like high flying action?
Tickets now available for the LA County Airshow
- Los Angeles County Air Show - 3/24/2018
LA County Airshow

James Segel, Flying Tiger pilot
Larry Kushner has shared information about a lecture at CSUN where James Segel will be speaking. Mr. Segel was, in 1942, working with the Flying Tigers as a pilot flying over the hump and other dangerous missions. This is a once in a lifetime event as Mr. Segel is 98 years old.

The Lancaster Photography Association presents All About Aircraft with Rich Cooper

When: Thursday, March 22nd from 6:00 to 8:00.
Where: Quartz Hill Community Church, 43543 51st Street West, Quartz Hill, CA 93536 (corner of Avenue K and 51st Street West).
Rich Cooper will be giving a presentation on his recent work and how he got into this field of photography. He will discuss in depth taking the shots of airplanes and have a Q&A.

Please check their website for information
Lancaster Photography Association

Theme of the Month - Members only

Please ensure to email your images to Kevin by 5pm Friday March 9th.
February - Red

(It'd be great if you included your name and image title in the file name, but not required.)

Photo Opportunities

Many local and regional photo opportunities are listed on the Event Calendar, highlighted in light brown. Upcoming SCVPA member activities are listed here and on the Event Calendar.
The SCVPA Board is requesting that members & guests sign up for field trips and workshops so we can prepare for the correct number of participants. Sign-ups are done by clicking on the registration button and then selecting the Sign-Up options.
If there are no registered participants by the Wednesday before the field trip or workshop, the event will be canceled.

Future Club Field Trips Photo Trips June 2017 to June 2018

Speaker Links

Additional links are posted on the "Useful Links" page.

Kevin Karzin, workshop document2018 01 Off Camera Flash

Dan Holmes, Dan Holmes Photo

SCVPA Upcoming Activities

Valley of Fire Trip, February 23rd - 25th

Monthly Meeting, March 13th
Eric Bruehl, Sony benefits and technologies

El Matador State Beach at Sunset, March 17th

Monthly Meeting, April 8th
Dan Holmes,
Board Nominations

Carrizo Plain, April 14th

Joshua Tree Nat'l Park, April 20th - 22nd

Monthly Meeting, May 8th
Michael Collins, PPA President
Board Elections
Spring Print Entries Due

Spring Print Competition, May 19th

Monthly Meeting, June 12th
2018-2019 Board Installation

Disney Hall at night, June 16th


Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Competition Events

May 19th, 2018 - Spring Print Competition
Open to the public
Submit on May 8th at the Monthly Meeting
Photos within 1 year
Categories: Animals, Architecture, Digital Manipulation, Freestyle & Fine Art, Event & Editorial, Landscape, Macro & Close-up, Nature, Photojournalism, and Portrait
2018 Spring Print Competition
Rules and Entry Form

August 14th - Folio Competition
Members only
Submit at August 14th meeting between 6pm and 6:25pm


A “folio” is a collection of images that are unified around a theme. The theme is about something: a place, a person, a mood or feeling, or something else that ties the images together. Purely technical or descriptive themes like “My Best Black & White Images” are not permitted.

November 13th - Fall Digital Image Competition

Members only

Submit by November 5th, 5pm
Photos within 2 years
Categories: Digital Manipulation, Fine Art, Event & Editorial, Landscape, Macro & Close-up and Portrait

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