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Santa Clarita Valley Photographers Association

Who We Are

The Santa Clarita Valley Photographers Association is a group of dedicated photographers both amateur and professional that meets monthly to learn about photography and share images. Our members are from Santa Clarita and adjoining communities. Besides our monthly meetings the group takes field trips such as the Death Valley excursion, the Cambria excursion and participates in expositions at the Valencia Town Center and City Hall. Print and digital image competitions are held at least twice a year. The majority of our members are amateurs at all skill levels of photography however some members belong to the Professional Photographers of America, the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, and other organizations. Whether you are just starting out with your first camera or are a seasoned professional, SCVPA has much to offer.

Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month from 6:45pm until 9:00pm (or so.)

We meet at Santa Clarita Camera
                   21515 Soledad Canyon Rd #116  
                   Santa Clarita, CA 91350

Guests are welcome to attend a meeting and check us out.

Member Gallery

2014 Fall Digital Image Competition

Fall Digital Image Competition

President's Message


Hi Everyone, 


We held our Fall Digital Image Competition on Tuesday, Nov. 11, with 84 awesome images submitted. Sharon Donaldson-Lobel and Dan Holmes judged this year’s competition. They did a great job for us; it is so important to listen to their comments on the entries as you can learn so much from their valuable critiques. I also want to thank them for their continued support of the SCVPA.

Here is a list of the winners in each category, Best of Show and Judges Choice awards:

Best of Show    — Kevin Karzin, image titled “Rebel”
Judges Choice — Denise Jensen, image titled “Rescued”
                             — Ron Gallmeier, image titled “Johnny Angel”

Animal Category
First place    — Jim Akers, image titled “Mommy Time”
Second place   — Denise Jensen, image titled “Rescued”
Third place    — Nicole Wilde, image titled “Bat Wing Glow”
Third place    — Ron Gallmeier, image titled “Hawk Eye”

Architecture, Design and Still Life Category
First Place     — Jeff Barlow, image titled “The Old Apothecary Shop”
First Place     — David Behar, image titled “Corrigated”
First Place     — Helen Henry, image titled “Milky Way with Windmill”
Second Place    — Lynne Albright, image titled “Fisherman’s Village Walk”
Second Place    — Denise Jensen, image titled “Freedom” Transylvanian Sculptor George Schmerholz
Second Place    — Larry Gasinski, image titled “Garden Wall”
Second Place    — Jeff Barlow, image titled “Mission Santa Barbara”
No Third Place awarded

Digital Manipulations and Freestyle Category
First Place     — Ron Gallmeier, image titled “Johnny Angel”
Second Place    — Nicole Wilde, image titled “In the Spirit”
Third Place     — Nicole Wilde, image titled “Honoring Sacred Traditions”

Third Place     __ Denise Jensen, image titled "The Gift of Hope"

Landscape Category
First Place     — Bob Driver, image titled “Emerald Falls”
First Place     — Mel Carll, image titled “Majestic Morro Rock”
Second Place    — Glen Glancy, image titled “Rainier Alpine Meadow Sunrise”
Second Place    — Garry Tice, image titled “Playa Puddles”
Third Place     — Geoff Glenn, image titled “Burning Up the Sky”
Third Place     — Geoff Glenn, image titled “Denali Rising From the Mist”

    Presiden't Message (Continued)

Macro and Close-Up Category
First Place     — Jim Ackers, image titled “Prince Of the Pond”
Second Place    — John Peterson, image titled “Texture”
Third Place     — Jim Ackers, image titled “Swamp Fairy Goodies”

Nature Category
First Place     — Dwight Blemker, image titled “Into the Mist”
Second Place    — Garry Tice, image titled “Bishop Creek”
Third Place     — Geoff Glenn, image titled “Alaska Gold”

Photojournalism, Event and Editorial Category
First Place     — Kevin Karzin, image titled “Rebel”
Second Place    — Kevin Karzin, image titled “Strike One”
Third Place     — Garry Tice, image titled “Suzy Q Sunset”

Portrait Category
First Place     — Phil Althouse, image titled “Empty Nest”
Second Place    — Jane Delvecho, image titled “Jessica’s Family”
Third Place     — Cathy Driver, image titled “WASP Flora Belle Reese”

Merit Win

Jim Ackers                    Bob Driver
Mel Carll                       Garry Tice
Glen Glancy                   Denise Jensen
Nicole Wilde                  Geoff Glenn
Ron Gallmeier                Rick Herrmann
Ethelyn Glancy               Dwight Blemker
Jeff Barlow                     Kevin Karzin
David Behar                    Cathy Gero
Helen Henry                    Bob Messina
Lynne Albright                Henri Lajer
Larry Gasinski                 Phil Althouse
John Peterson                   Chung Do

Jane Delvecho

Congratulations to all our winners!

Everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Keep shooting!


Upcoming Activities


Friday, Dec. 12,  Holiday Party
You must login to the website and go to the December Calendar for details.
Please register on the party calendar entry so we can get a count of attendees. Each member may bring one guest who must be registered also.Holiday Party - 12/12/2014

Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2015 Monthly Meeting; Hans Gutknecht, speaker

Tuesday, Feb. 10,  Digital Competition

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

 Competition Events in 2015

February 10 – Digital Image Competition
Submit by February 2
Photos within 2 years
Categories: Macro, Landscape, Portrait, Event, Digital Manipulation2015 Winter Digital Image Competition-Preliminary

May 2 – Annual Print Competition
Submit by April 27
Photos within 1 year
Categories: All

August 11 – Folio Competition

Entries due by August 11 at 6PM
Category: Open

November 10 – Digital Image Competition
Submit by November 2
Photos within 2 years
Categories: Animal, Architecture, Journalism, Nature


Local Businesses that have supported us

Santa Clarita Camera
(Our Sponsor)



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